Guess who will be “traveling up” with us on our upcoming workshop?

photo - kara santos

We’ve got news for those who have signed up for “Travel the Write Way: A Travel Writing Workshop” on May 25.  Writer’s Block Philippines will be joined by a special guest speaker who will share her experiences on how to successfully put up a travel blog.
Kara Santos is a freelance writer, photographer and the blogger behind Travel Up. Her travels have taken her from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi, from the abandoned desert city of Petra in Jordan to the still vibrant temples of Bali in Indonesia. When she’s not on a plane, boat or bus somewhere far away from Metro Manila on assignment, she can be found motorcycling off for the weekend or leveling up her experience points in the latest PlayStation RPG.
She graduated from Ateneo de Manila with a BA Psychology degree. Years later she got a scholarship to take up Photojournalism in the Asian Center for Journalism still in the Loyola campus.
After working at Reuters shooting rallies, slums, politicians and the occasional quirky news, she became a correspondent for the Inter Press Service and a freelance writer for various publications. Her work has appeared in Sunday Inquirer Magazine, Smile, Leisure + Adventure Travel, Illustrado, and Motorcycle Magazine, to name a few.
It was during an assignment in 2011 for the Inquirer that she got the idea to start a travel blog. She was then covering a media tour of several provinces in Northern Luzon with other journalists and travel bloggers. With just one article output expected from the magazine, the new blog became a platform for photos and other stories that didn’t see print.
After her first post, she became addicted to the idea of writing about her travels. She loved the fact that she could write with more freedom in this new medium. And now more than half a million page views later, her blog is still going strong.
The name of the blog “Travel Up” was inspired by the video gaming concept of leveling up, “gaining higher levels of completing tasks and challenges.”
Another blogger has described her writing as “easy to digest, relatable and allergic to empty adjectives, while still managing to take the reader on a ride to the edge through the experiences themselves”. — The Poor Traveler.
Besides traveling and motorcycling, she also enjoys taking care of her cat Kitness even though the feline sometimes gets in the way of marathon gaming sessions on the PS3 and article deadlines.