“Vegging Out” (Smile Magazine)

“Vegging Out” (Smile Magazine)


15 Annapolis Street, Gold Building, San Juan, Greenhills, Mandaluyong City Tel: +63 (2) 723 3660 Open daily from 10am-9pm

WHAT IT IS A casual eatery that mainly serves 100% raw food and other meat-free gastronomic delights. It also offers organic and all-natural food and non-food products.

CROWD PLEASERS Specialty appetizers include mock salmon paté and Asian sushi rolls. Familiar foods such as fettucini Alfredo and pad Thai are also raw.

TRIED AND TASTED “Colorful and light, the Asian sushi rolls taste so refreshing, healthy and delicious.” – Rosalie Suarez


7274 Malugay Street, Barangay San Antonio, Makati City Tel: +63 (918) 450 1714 Open Sunday–Thursday, 12pm–9pm and Friday-Saturday, 12pm–11pm

WHAT IT IS A hole-in-the-wall noodle house with vegetarian options.

CROWD PLEASERS Go for the viet phó, the shoyu ramen, or the filling Vietnamese bahn mi (Vietnamese baguette).

TRIED AND TASTED “Treat your taste buds to some Wabi-Sabi. The Vietnamese noodles are awesome.” – Joseph Bolintiam


92 Scout Castor Street, Quezon City Tel: +63 (2) 415 4796 greensresto@gmail.com Open from Monday–Saturday, 11am–10pm and Sundays, 12pm–9pm

WHAT IT IS One of the more established vegetarian restaurants. Greens has been serving lacto vegetarian cuisine since 2001.

CROWD PLEASERS Start with the Greens house salad, then choose from the bestselling dishes like the mushroom tofu burger. Carnivores will love the taste of the veggie sisig and grilled mushroom and tofu kebabs. Accompany your meal with some freshly squeezed dalandan juice.

TRIED AND TASTED “I have a hearty appetite and a liking for fatty, absolutely bad-for-the-heart food like pork sisig. I found a healthy substitute for my sisig craving in Greens. I like the texture and I love the taste.” – Suby Cayabyab

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“Pod Living” (Business World)

Pod Living

WHETHER ONE is traveling for business or leisure, it is customary to stay overnight in a hotel whatever the destination may be.

Unlike the usual hotels, however, Travelers Pod in Cagayan de Oro can tailor fit its accommodations to any traveler’s needs.

This cozy hotel offers a place to stay for those who are in town for either just a short stopover or an overnight visit. Open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, the Travelers Pod is situated right in the heart of the city at the Gateway Tower inside the Limketkai Complex.

It is just a stone’s throw away from one of the city’s major malls and across the main thoroughfare that leads to other parts of the city and nearby provinces such as Butuan and Iligan. It is also just seven kilometers away from the airport, which makes it very convenient for people on-the-go.

The Travelers Pod has a pay-per-use concept that allows travelers to book their accommodation preference. The most basic type is the pod rest or single pod (pictured) where one can avail of reasonably priced hourly hotel rates.

It includes a single pod with a curtain enclosure (P350) to ensure privacy. This is perfect for transient travelers who need a place to rest and relax for just a short time, whether to attend a convention, an event or some other occasion.

Guests also have the option of availing of the hotel’s hot and cold shower facility, which also includes the use of towel and toiletries so travelers can freshen up before painting the town red.

The hotel also has its own baggage check-in facility where guests can secure their luggage and other belongings for a minimum fee.

Transients will also be pleased to know that the hotel has a battery charging facility and offers ticketing services. No need to head to a travel agent to book a flight home.

For the traditional traveler, the hotel also offers rooms called private pods, which can take in two people or more, depending on the size.

The deluxe pod (P1,000) has room for two persons while the executive pod (P2,000) is big enough for five people.

These private pods have their own bathrooms that come with a set of toiletries and bathrobes to boot. The rooms also have a centralized cable television system, which any weary traveler would appreciate.

Guests may also choose to rent a DVD player from the hotel and get a selection of videos to keep themselves entertained during their stay.

The design and décor of all these pods are done in earth tones, which add more to the warmth of the place and its fine ambience. Its subdued lighting and cool atmosphere also makes it a very relaxing and comfortable place to stay — at least for an hour.

To maximize the travel experience, the hotel provides whole body spa packages such as a relaxing full-body massage, foot massage, and even manicure and pedicure. Its well-trained staff is available any time of the day for such spa services.

Guests may choose to pamper themselves in one of the single pod rests or inside their own private pod. There is also an option to select all the treatments at a special package rate. After indulging in a treatment, guests will be served a pot of complimentary hot tea.

The hotel even caters to the needs of those who want to stay connected with free Wi-Fi Internet access in the entire place. Another option would be to catch up on work at the hotel’s in-house coffee shop found at the ground floor. It is a simple and quiet place where one can hang out while enjoying a light snack.

When traveling to this part of northern Mindanao, there is no need to worry about finding a place to stay for as short as an hour or as long as a day, as the Travelers Pod is always open to assist travelers.

Travelers Pod is at Gateway Tower, Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. For inquiries, call (088) 851-8988, (+63917) 717-6910.

Nikka Sarthou writes about raw food chef (Herword.com)

Does one really need to be a chef in order to prepare raw food? How difficult could it be to mix together a few leafy greens, sliced veggies, and vinaigrette? There’s actually more to raw food and its preparation than putting together a simple salad. Vegan raw food chef and health coach, Cheloy Ignacio, can actually whip up your favorite comfort food using all raw ingredients. She has been doing so for years now, ever since she became a raw food advocate. Her passion for it has led to opening her own raw food restaurant aptly called RawVolution—Cheloy’s Living Food Cuisine.

Chef Cheloy did not always live on raw food. In fact, she used to own one of the most successful ensaymada businesses out there. And when she was younger, she used to indulge on very fatty foods such as bacon and aligue (crab fat). She says, back then, she could finish two kilos of prawns in one sitting, and that her favorite part of the shrimp was its head with all its fatty goodness. But that is all in the past now. Nowadays, she is happy and content on living on fresh fruits, vegetables, and everything else that would be suitable to her raw food lifestyle.

The defining moment

The raw food diet is not the first diet she has tried. She has experimented with practically all kinds of diets before, but none really worked. For her, a diet is not only a means to change her physical appearance; she actually wanted to overhaul her health. At the young age of 19, she was diagnosed with preeclampsia while she was pregnant with her first child. The fluctuation in her blood pressure and sugar level had a negative—and ultimately, fatal—effect on her baby. The baby passed away a couple of days before her due date. But going through that traumatic situation did not change Cheloy’s lifestyle. Her unhealthy way of life put her in and out of the hospital. Her blood pressure even reached as high as 280/110, and at the age of 23, she suffered a mild stroke.

From that time on, until she was about in her mid-forties, she became a regular visitor to hospitals and also became very dependent on medication. She experienced so many different ailments that her application for health insurance was not approved. For years, she survived on her medications, until one day, she had the strength to say to herself that enough is enough. Her will to live free from any sickness was so strong that she was able to find a way to do so.

In her quest for good health, she came across some information about raw food diet and became so passionate with it that she gave up her successful ensaymada business for it. Her interest in it led her to the US where raw food is all the rage. She went to Boston and studied raw food preparation under Alissa Cohen. Now she is a certified health coach and raw food chef, and she is putting both to good use in her restaurant, Rawvolution-Cheloy’s Living Food Cuisine.

When Cheloy is not preparing some seaweed salad or some other dish, she is teaching raw and vegetarian food preparation.

A lifestyle change

For Cheloy, the raw food diet is not just a craze; it has become part of her daily life. Since she has integrated this diet in her life in 2006, she never took maintenance medicines like she had to before. Her general health has greatly improved, and most especially, her zest for life. Her priorities have changed, too.

Cheloy admitted she used to be so vain that she would spend thousands of pesos on cosmetic products, and burn more money on her other indulgences. As her perception changed, she learned to give up those luxuries and prioritized her health instead. Now, she would rather spend more on updating her restaurant’s kitchen equipment rather than adding another coveted beauty product to her cosmetic collection.

Health is her number one priority now. She cringes every time she thinks about what happened in the past. She enjoys living healthy now and even confessed that she does not have cravings for normal cooked foods anymore. She would rather prepare a fresh banana shake in the morning rather than go back to her old lifestyle where she had her daily dose of maintenance medicines. She found healing through her raw food diet. Aside from providing the necessary nutrition she needs, eating raw food helped eliminate the toxins in her body. Since raw food is high in fiber but low in cholesterol and sugar, it showed a great improvement in her blood pressure, blood circulation and other body functions.

Cheloy also lost about five pounds within three days of getting into the raw food diet. She hopes to inspire others to try eating raw food and living a healthier life. Cheloy happily shares that, “This is my lifestyle and this is my choice.”

Rawvolution-Cheloy’s Living Food Cuisine is located at #15 Annapolis St., Gold Building, Greenhills, San Juan. For inquiries, you may call (+632)916-6484541.